Mcrae Enduro Sport

Multiple formats have been designed and upgraded by our engineers. In these cases for the Mcrae Enduro Sport – Rally Raid brand.

Where market demand growth for T1 class our T3 class cars needed to get upgraded, as the basic concept was initially designed for both classes the engine and drivetrain conversion was the core milestone within this project.

Multiple successful participations have been accomplished during many Dakars.

Another new format within off road rallying, T3 Lightweight class. A lightweight single seater rear-wheel drive buggy. By far the most challenging class within the Dakar. Out of 7 buggies started only 2 achieved the finish.

Non of the abandoned participations were caused by technical issues.

After the first Dakar the buggy needed to be upgraded with all we learned during Dakar 2010. Mainly the fuel position could be improved by extending the chassis, weight improvement and simpler electronics helped drivers to survive worlds heaviest rally, Dakar 2011.

Out of 7 buggies 3 achieved podium, again, non of the cars technical issiues.

The Mcrae Enduro T3 was designed to set a new standaard for a budget friendly format. Using standard components for engine and drivetrain within a bespoke tubular chassis.

The first Dakar 3 out of 4 cars achieved a finish in the Dakar 2009. A high result for a new format.