Can-bus integration – wiring harness design – EMC

Vehicle control;

  • Design and development of the harness, including the component selection.
  • Design, build, commissioning of prototype harnesses test and transmission towards final harness supplier.
  • Revision and maintenance of the complete electronics before, during and after multiple tests.
  • Programming of the VCU (Vehicle Control Unit) in order to control all of the circuitry in the vehicle.
  • Management of ECU, TCU and 4WS (4-wheel steering) by CAN J1939 software and make updates on various    systems.
  • Creating functional diagrams (2D) in order to allow search for faults and errors during maintenance.
  • Mechanics section programmed to read important parameters and fault codes.
  • Programming fault codes among which the VCU controlled components are being monitored.
  • Creation of “on board” diagnostic functionality according to J1939 (DM1&DM2)
  • Data logging integration to capture fault codes and log al main parameters (snapshot logging)

STANAG 4370;

Complete development and integration of vehicle specific electronics to meet and its related tests;

  • Grounding and bounding
  • Radiated Emission (NRE02 & SA06S)
  • Susceptibility (NRS02 & SF01S)
  • Susceptibility Mobile Transmitters (Tetra/Tetrapol/UMTS/LTE/IMT-2000 etc.)
  • ESD (Level 3 & Level 4)
  • LEMP (analyse indirect lightning strike)

750mm wading depth

  • Managing pre selection of components within requirements and possible physical space. 
  • Route and composition of harness in relation with wading[TM2] [CL3] depth.
  • Additional measures have been taken such as sleeves and other solutions.

EMC Testing, Report and Performance;

EMC verification tests executed on component and system level and additional tests with EMC filters, shielding etc. with as a goal to become compliant with the requirements for your vehicle.